Sunrooms and Porch Enclosures


Sunrooms are also known as solariums, enclosures, Florida rooms, patio rooms or conservatories. It is a structural addition to the house that receives the maximum amount of sunlight. They add extraordinary beauty and comfort to your home.

Building a sunroom has a great number of benefits. Sunrooms bring a feel of nature right into your home. It’s a very relaxing room, that lets after-work stress fade away. It is a room where you can enjoy the sunset, listening to the sounds of nature.

Winter season can be depressing if you don’t get enough sunlight. Sunrooms are great pick me ups in the winter time. They warm up nicely and you can enjoy the sunlight with a cup of hot chocolate without going out in the cold.

If it is too cold or too hot for your children to play outside, sunroom can make a wonderful playroom. While they get plenty of sunlight and ventilated fresh air, you won’t have to worry about insects, sunburn or windburn. It also gives you confidence and security.

Sunrooms are a great place for entertaining. Your sunroom will provide extra room for your friends and family to enjoy. No matter what the weather is like, you and your company will be able to enjoy the similar feeling of being outside, but in reality, you will be in the comfort of your home. Mother Nature will no longer spoil your plans to have dinner with your guests with an outlook onto your garden.

Sunrooms add value to your property. It creates a room with a lot of possible uses. Sunroom can be used as a family room, exercise room, spa or hot tub room – the possibilities are endless.

If you decided to sell your house, having a sunroom built will surely boost the market value of the property.

Insulated glass is used when building a sunroom, which allows for the room to be heated or air-conditioned for year-round use. A sunroom can be constructed with a knee-wall or full-length glass can be used. It can be constructed from the components such as vinyl windows and pitched roofs, solid wooden framed structures or aluminum. To find out more and get a quote on your new sunroom call Canglow to schedule a free estimate appointment with one of our installers.

Porch and Balcony Enclosures

Porch enclosures create curb appeal and are a very partial additions to your home. In winter you won’t have to worry about the snow on your porch, and it will keep the gust of cold winds out when you open your entry door.

During summer times you can let fresh air in without being concerned about the bugs; it also keeps your entrance out from the rain. Porch enclosures create that extra room for your boots, so you keep your entry hall in-order and have more room in the closet.

It surely increases security and adds extra value to your house.

Porch enclosures can be made out of vinyl, aluminum or wood. To get more detailed information and a quote on how affordable it is to add that extra space to your house. Schedule an appointment with one of Canglow installers for a free estimate.