Window Installation…

There’s a famous saying in the industry that says, “you can find a million-dollar window but if it’s not installed properly, you’re worse off then when you started.” If the project is placed in the wrong hands, it can turn into an installation disaster.

Not only our installers are qualified and experienced, they are also employees of the company. Every project is supervised, if not installed by the owner himself.

We take pride in our work and this is how we look at it – we form a partnership with you on your project. We want you to be involved and ask questions when something is not clear to you. It can get really confusing. This is simply because there are many different ways windows are installed and there are many different types of walls conditions in which they are installed.

Regardless of the type of window, the type of wall, or the type of installation, the most important thing is to ensure you have an experienced installer. Window and door installation is what we specialize in and we simply know our stuff.

Installation Process

Put down drop cloths inside the house.

Remove old unit and install new one. As removal continues, installation proceeds. New windows are set in place and leveled with shims. With window level, it is nailed into place. Our installer ensures that the window is installed properly and makes any necessary adjustments to the home, such as replacing rotted wood, seeking out termite and water damage before installing the brand new vinyl window.

Old windows are moved outside and are disposed of as part of the contract
Depending on the size of the project, installation process may take couple of days. But before our installer leaves your house on the first day of installation, he closes each opening, vacuumes or broom-cleans the inside of the house and removes all the tools out of the way.

Next day we continue removing and installing windows. When all new replacement windows are in place, the exterior is sealed to make it watertight.

Cladding (or capping)- aluminum exterior trim on your windows is installed where necessary. This exterior trim, provides a seal against the weather and covers the old wood brick mould, giving it an elegant finish. The windows are properly caulked on both the interior and exterior.

In most average-sized houses, Day Two concludes the window installation process. Work may extend into a third day in order to finish the process of installing the exterior cladding. You will not need to be present for exterior work, though if you have the time available, it’s always a good idea to be around. Again, if the installer needs to come back the next day, your house is cleaned and tools are moved out of the way.

Whenever the installation process is completed, the working area and all around it is vacuumed or broom-cleaned. All of your old windows and other material is loaded and disposed of as part of the contract. All new windows are tested for proper function and ease of use and everything is checked once again to ensure professional installation and your satisfaction.

Enjoy your new windows!!