Casement windows are wide and give an ample outdoor view. They are suitable for every kind of window opening and can also be customized. If you are planning to install a new window or replace an existing one, casement windows are bound to work well for you. We install casement windows that are customized as per your specifications.

Casement windows open to the right or left by cranking a handle. They are made of a strong uPVC vinyl frame and sash corners that are welded together for the perfect fit. High on insulation and energy efficiency, they help to keep out exterior weather conditions from affecting indoor temperatures. Highly functional from various aspects, these windows are good for homes in Edmonton and Climate Zone 3 regions.

Key Features

  • Triple glazing improves insulation largely as it has an extra measure of air and water tightness to prevent indoor water leakages
  • Low-E argon and krypton gas chambers increase the insulation of casement windows as these gases are denser than air and are more resistant to transfer of heat and cold. This helps maintain optimum temperatures indoors in extreme climates both summer and winter.
  • Warm edge spacers insulate the edges of the sealed window unit and keep the glass panes apart. This prevents heat loss in winters and also prevents condensations on edges of windows.
  • Various features of this kind of windows raise their insulation value resulting in more energy efficiency.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance can be done from inside with the help of a 900 sash rotation.
  • Multi-point locking system and folding hardware that are integrated into the frame impart additional security and ease of operation.