Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and Bow windows are the best option when it comes to a luxurious update for your home. They open up the wall space allowing in natural light in abundance lending class and sophistication to any room.

Bay Windows

Bay windows consist of three windows protruding from the exterior wall of a home at 300 to 450 angles. They are usually installed in living rooms letting in exterior light and imparting a spacious look and feel to the room. These windows are good for smaller homes as they create an illusion of enlarged space.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are similar to the Bay windows with the major difference being that they are made up of four or five windows that are mulled at gentler angles giving it a rounded look rather than a sharp angular one. These windows are more of an architectural design that creates a focal point of a room.

Both Bay and Bow Windows create a deep interior window sill that is ideal for plants letting you create a natural ambience within your home and you can create your own nook for reading or relaxing. These are picture, casement, double or single hung tilt.

We at Canglow offer customization options for all our Bay and Bow window designs.

Key Features

  • These windows like others are made of strong PVC vinyl frames and sash corners that are fusion welded for exact fits.
  • They are durable and easy to maintain with 900 sash openings.
  • Multi-chambered profiles are designed for maximum insulation, better drainage, strength, lower energy bills and prevent condensation.
  • Triple glazing technology that is used in all our windows add insulation value and also provides an extra measure of air and water tightness to prevent water leakage into the house.
  • The multi-locking point system and folding hardware adds up to more security, appearance and ease of operation.
  • Double strength glass adds to insulation efficiency.
  • You can choose LoE2 and Argon or Krypton fillings in glass chambers for maximizing insulation.

Structural options for Bay and Bow windows

  • The appearance of Bay windows can be enhanced with our grille and accessory options.
  • You can choose between internal and external grille options that are available in several profiles and finishes in solid and two tone colours.
  • In case of these windows, the middle one is the largest and cannot be opened, but the side windows can be opened. With the help of additional operating systems you can opt for combinations to suit your requirement.
  • Bow windows can either be a combination of fixed or operating casement with either the left or right windows opening.
  • These windows can also be constructed with a large picture window and two double or single hung tilt windows on both sides.

We have several options of operating systems that enable fresh air circulation and optimal temperature inside homes.