Awnings are window openings that work well for ventilating smaller rooms like attics, basements, studies, etc. They open outward from the bottom by cranking a handle. In addition to ventilation, awnings are also great for insulation and energy efficiency. They are created through a fusion of strong PVC vinyl frame and sash corners for a snug fit. They help to keep out rain, snow and cold air out and are almost maintenance free. They are highly recommended for Edmonton and other Climate Zone C regions. Awnings come in various colors and styles to match every interior and add a vintage charm to wherever they are installed. They are a perfect blend of form and function packed with numerous advantages.

We make awnings in every possible option that can be totally customized to match varied requirements of different homes.

Key Features

  • Multi chambered versions are specially designed to reduce condensation, better drainage, for more insulation, strength and low energy bills.
  • Triple glazing technology often used in awnings for more insulation because this has an extra measure of air and water tautness that prevents water leakage inside homes.
  • Top mounted sash hinge helps in movement
  • A removable overlapping internal screen aids easy cleaning of awnings
  • Awnings allow outdoor view to be enjoyed from interiors through installation of drainage channels that are placed on exterior frame of the window.
  • Multi-point locking system and folding hardware that are integrated into the frame impart additional security and ease of operation.
  • Double strength glass results in more insulation efficiency.

Special Glass Options

Choosing special gas filled or coated glasses for awnings make them more effective and you can choose from LoE2, Argon or Krypton Gas Fillings.

  • LoE2

This is a technologically evolved glass that helps to reflect heat back into the room in winters and reduces heat loss up to 30%-50%, improving insulation by 96%. This also prevents solar heat gain to a great extent in summer and blocks harsh sun rays up to 84%. This too works as a protection for interiors and prevents colors from fading.

  • Argon

Argon filled glass panes are an energy efficient option because it is 40% more dense than air and has greater resistance to transfer of heat and cold through awnings. It is a low cost and low maintenance choice as compared to other options. This can also be used in combination with other Low-E glass option.

  • Krypton

Krypton is even denser than argon and resists energy transfer to a great extent. This gas works well for small insulated air spaces and is best for triple pane units to create higher R-values.